The journey begins

We started our next 180 around the world journey on Saturday with a flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco. When we landed there was a break in the rainy weather so after checking in at the Fairmont Hotel, we walked down two very steep blocks on Mason Street for a late lunch at a lovely Bistro, Aaliment. We watched the 49er/Seahawks game (sorry, Deb), while enjoying the food and drink – not at all crowded since it was mid afternoon.

The Fairmont is a really beautiful hotel. We were pretty tired and it started to rain so we stayed around the hotel the rest of the day.

After breakfast on Sunday we were on the first shuttle to our home for the next 180 days, the Oceania Insignia!

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13 Responses to The journey begins

  1. snidjud says:

    Happy sailing! Owen and I will be enjoying your blog. Regards, Judith


  2. Nancy Meyers says:

    Have fun and safe travels!


  3. SHARON KROHN says:

    So looking forward to traveling this journey with you! Safe and happy travels!!


  4. Patricia Bucek says:

    Bon Voyage! Looking forward to sharing in your adventures.


  5. TR Wickland says:

    Bon Voyage to you both. Bill and I will be following your blog, living your adventure vicariously. Missed Insignia and your intrepid fellow sailors on the Cabo leg. We were still shoveling feet of snow at Tahoe and dodging air cancelations to get back to our sunny Baja home. Keep those photos coming. Fair winds and following seas.
    Tori 🙂


  6. Abbe DeMaio says:

    Cannot wait to see the world through your eyes agin. Thank you for always being so generous with your journeys.


  7. Linda says:

    It is beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures and stories. Enjoy your trip!


  8. Bill and Beverly Abeles says:

    Safe travels! See you both soon.
    Bill and Beverly


  9. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    We are excited to travel again with you virtually. Have a great time – we will be anxiously waiting for your posts.

    Rick & Marilen


  10. Violet Archer says:

    Happy sailing you two. Wish we were joining you; however, our turn will come in the next ATW cruise. In the mean time, we will follow your up and coming journey through your travel blog.


  11. says:

    Bon Voyage!  I look forward to following your adventures!Mary (Ellie’s sister who loves to travel!)


  12. Jan Spearance says:

    Bon voyage. Enjoying the diary thanks for sharing


    • Violet Archer says:

      I’m following Pat on her journey each day. Its like a trip down memory lane. Now we have updates of changes to some of the places. Thanks for sharing.


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