First day

January 15, 2023

All of our suitcases arrived! We did track some of them with airtags which let us know that the ones sent via luggage forward in late December were in California waiting for us. We traveled with only one checked bag so the forwarding worked well as it has in the past.

When we arrived on the ship, we were directed to the Insignia Lounge where we were served drinks, small sandwiches and sweets. When our room was ready we started the organizing.

It took us pretty much the whole afternoon to get our stuff unpacked and organized. Those who know me may remember that when asked how to pack for 6 months, I said ” put all the clothes and all the money you want to take – on the bed. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” Well the clothes part didn’t work out – we will see about the money!

We had a nice dinner in the Terrace Cafe, met many friends and crew from previous trips. Norm skipped the show but I went and saw all of the entertainment team and musicians. Still on east coast time, so it was an early night. There are 394 around the world travelers, 180 of them are first time cruisers on Oceania. It seems like a large leap of faith to book a 6 month cruise without testing the line for a shorter one, but we know they will not be disappointed!

Here are some pictures of the Bay Bridge and from when the ship went under the Golden Gate Bridge about 10:30 PM enroute to Ensenada Mexico.

Picture courtesy of fellow passenger Younga Craddock
Picture courtesy of Younga Craddock
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6 Responses to First day

  1. Debra C says:

    Bon Voyage Pat and Norm! May your adventure continue in good health and smooth seas!


  2. Barry Demp says:

    I am pleased to know that things are progressing nicely.


  3. Lynne Wiseman says:

    Bon Voyage! Best wishes for a fantastic trip! Look forward to seeing your adventures!! Hugs, Lynne


  4. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    awesome room for an awesome trip for an awesome couple

    Rick & Marilen


  5. Violet Archer says:

    Glad embarkation/luggage handling went like clock-work. So no lost luggage story. By now Oceania would have all the kinks ironed out. Your stateroom looks “huge”; would that be the Penthouse suite?


  6. Jan Spearance says:

    Sounds like a positive start. Looking forward to reading about your adventures Goodnight from Cozumel


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