Ensenada Baja Mexico

January 17, 2023

We arrived in Ensenada this morning around 8 AM and it was 47 degrees!  Brrrr. We brought lots of layers, thank goodness. 


Ensenada is the third largest in Baja and is only 78 miles south of San Diego. 


Today we booked a whale watching excursion with 3 other couples.  Well,  it was to be a whale watching tour but it turned into a 12 foot swell, rain shower and puking tour and of course no self respecting whale would be showing up in THAT! It was a cold and miserable 3 hours but, hey, you win some and you lose some! There were some nice fountains on the walk back to the ship!


When we returned it started to rain so we just went back to the ship, changed our wet clothes and had a late lunch. I guess this would have been a good day to do a wine tour in the northeast region where vineyards were first planted in 1703!  Some friends opted for that so we will compare our adventures later. 

Tonight our executive chef, Farid, is grilling fresh fish from the market here out on the terrace cafe deck.  We are looking forward to that and to the show, Matt Marcy who is a comedian and magician with 20 years of entertaining in Hollywood and around the world.

We have two sea days now before reaching our next port in Mexico, Manzanillo on Friday.  We were there in 2019 and if you wish, use the search function to read that post about the BEST TOUR EVER! I don’t know how we will top it.  We didn’t book anything here and will probably explore on our own. 

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1 Response to Ensenada Baja Mexico

  1. rick & marilen says:

    Sorry about the puking excursion.

    The sun will come out tomorrow.

    Rick & Marilen


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