At Sea

January 19, 2023

I am recovered from the rock and roll minus the whales excursion.  I really never get seasick on cruise ships but this small fishing boat which was just tossed around in the huge waves was something else! One of the people who was with us took a group picture but I haven’t gotten it from her yet.  I will post when I do.  Thankfully she took it before we went out, not after.

We are on the second of two days at sea along the coast of Mexico.  Two days ago when we were in  Ensenada, our chef, Farid, shopped for fresh mahi mahi and grilled it in the terrace cafe.  It was terrific.  Here is the display and also Farid doing the grilling (and showing off for the photo!) The sauces were as amazing as the fish!


I have been getting my blackjack fix. On the first sea day, January 16, I finished third in the tournament.  The top two get prize money!  But yesterday, I finished second and the casino manager asked if we wanted to play a second round, and I won that one.  We will see what happens today.

Yesterday at lunch, Farid was at it again.  He was making fresh crepes with all kinds of toppings available from berries to chocolate and chocolate chips to whipped cream.  I didn’t sample them (maybe it would have been OK after dinner, but too rich for me at lunch.


We have had two time changes in two days, moving the clock forward.  We are now on Chicago time.

Here is the sunrise this morning.


After I did the post mentioning one of the BEST TOURS ever, I thought I should have added the link to that post.  So here it is:

One of the best tours ever

Tomorrow we are docked at Manzanillo Mexico. We didn’t book a tour this time and we will see what adventures the day brings.

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3 Responses to At Sea

  1. Erin says:

    San Pedrito Beach is about a 20-30 minute walk from the port. All locals. Some of the bars have food. We did that on the way up to San Francisco. It was a Sunday and the locals were having fun … and we along with them.


  2. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    so glad you recovered from the whale excursion.
    Rick & Marilen


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