Manzanillo, Mexico

January 20, 2023

Yesterday at lunch there was a fresh pasta station.  I also noticed that there was this Bloody Mary bar!


We had dinner with two couples that we met on the 2017 world cruise, Mui and Erin and Sonia and Boris.  We are enjoying many tours with them on this trip and we had a nice dinner to catch up.


Our cruise director is Ray Carr and we are delighted that he is on the world cruise with us.  He is so invested in the success of his team and always praises them all.  Last night he presented a birthday cake to a member of the string quartet that plays every night and also at the afternoon tea.  Everyone in the area sang happy birthday.


We arrived in port around 11 AM this morning.  Here are some shots of the sail in, the colorful houses on the hillside and the fuel ship that will pull alongside and refuel our ship.


We chose just to walk around town today – I needed a few things in a shop, which we found after a short walk.  It has warmed up nicely and as I write this in the afternoon, it is 81 degrees.  Feels good to me.  I could put the woolies away.

Manzanillo is known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World” thanks to the excellent sport fishing here. When you come to this port, you will never forget the huge statue of the Marlin – Manzanillo’s “official fish”.  Norm is in the picture for perspective!


There is also a smaller one near the ship.


The town is a pretty busy and important port town and we saw lots of container ships coming and going.

The downtown plaza (Zocalo) has recently been renovated and all along the waterfront are sculptures depicting the signs of the zodiac. by the artist Sebastian.


Here are the ones for Norm, Adam, Mark and me.  This exhibit is new since we visited in 2019, in fact it was set up in 2021. They are colorful and interesting.

IMG_1937~photoIMG_1935~photoPat and Mark’s zodiac sign

IMG_1933~photoIMG_1932~photoNorm’s zodiac sign

IMG_1925~photoIMG_1926~photoAdam’s zodiac sign

Tonight we are eating in Toscana, the Italian specialty restaurant on board – I love that one. 

Tomorrow we are doing a sail and snorkel trip in Zihuatanejo.  Happy that it will be very warm and the seas are calm.

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  1. Gretchen Hakkinen says:

    A win, win day! Hope Norm enjoyed the Bloody Mary Bar!


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