Sailing the Chilean Fjords

February 13, 2023

Happy birthday🎂♌🎉🎈to my sister Deb. She is joining the 70’s club today.

We are currently cruising the Chilean fjords and were there yesterday too. The scenery is just beautiful. It is in the 40’s so it is cool and rainy. Today we sailed near the Amalia glacier and many people were on deck to take photos. Here are some of the scenery and the glacier.

The Amalia Glacier
Ice chunks in the sea

Of course, last night there was the big Super Bowl party. As in the past when we were on ships, we didn’t get the commercials. It was a fun party and although we didn’t get the Eagles win we hoped for, it was a good game.

It tasted good too!
Check out the face mask!
A wine before snacks! Dressed in green with Eagles hat.
Robbie is a Browns fan. What are he and Ray checking out?
Big screens add to the excitement.

We will sail the Magellan Strait on the way to our next port tomorrow- Punta Arenas, our last port in Chile.

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