At sea – cruising the Norwegian Sea enroute to Faroe Islands

“Adventure before dementia” has to be our new motto, maybe I should have named the blog that way!  This is certainly an adventure and I do hope we have many more before dementia. Actually I hope we never have dementia.  🙂

Last evening we were invited to have dinner with Andy Heath, the cruise director, and his wife Tammy, who was the assistant cruise director for the first leg of the trip and now she is the social hostess.  There is a new assistant cruise director – Evan Bosworth – who has an amazing voice.  He can do Frankie Valli but with much more of a range. He did a terrific show and I hope we hear more from him.  Tammy and Andy will be with us until Dubai, then will leave and join a sister ship, the Marina, in Cape Town.  3 other couples joined us at this table for 10, one from Australia, one from Arizona and one from Arkansas.  All are on world cruise, one from Singapore and the other two joined when we did.  Tammy and Andy are living in Kansas City.  It was a really interesting dinner – we each told some stories about ourselves and the almost 3 hours passed very quickly.

I never heard of the Faroe Islands before booking this tour.  They are situated between Iceland and Norway and were settled in the 9th century by Norwegian farmers in search of new land. The islands are part of Denmark, yet they have their own currency and their own language.  Many residents do speak Danish in addition to Faroese.

The capitol is Torshavn where we will dock tomorrow and it is one of the smallest capitol cities in the world.

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2 Responses to At sea – cruising the Norwegian Sea enroute to Faroe Islands

  1. Patricia A. Bucek says:

    Map check! I see the island, and I never knew it was there, either. Thanks for the geography lesson!


  2. joygoldman says:

    LOVE “adventure before dementia!”– and I have extra reason to practice that!! Thanks!


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