At sea.  Some random musings

January 16, 2017

We are on our way to Acapulco, Mexico and have a day at sea today.  We enjoy these sea days and sometimes have too many things that we want to do.  Today, after breakfast, I did my deck walk.  Norm is still recovering from his sprained ankle, it happened before the cruise, but he will be joining these walks soon.

I went to a photo editing class, still working on the best way to import pictures into the blog with the slow satellite internet service.  It is an exercise in patience for sure.

We happen to have 2 executive chefs on the ship right now, which rarely happens.  The French chef, Farid Oudir, will be leaving tomorrow and returning in March.  Jorg  Becker, the German chef, is here early to replace him.  So today we got to see a cooking demonstration with both of them.  Very funny as always.  Jorg  drinks a whole bottle of champagne during the demo.  His saying is “how can you drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!?” Somehow he juggles plates and does a great job with the demo, but as you can see, he has the physique to pull it off.  We got to taste the Wiener Schnitzel and his grandmother’s potato salad, made by Jorg, and pork medallions, mushrooms favour and sauteed apple flame made by Farid. Delicious.

After lunch, I went to the quilting gathering and began work on my square which will represent Nicaragua.  Will keep posting pictures as it progresses.  If I get it done I may do another.  I am also working on a needlepoint which I haven’t done in probably 35 years!. It may take the whole 6 months.

Then I played in the celebrity blackjack tournament where the dealers were Victor, the general manager, and Leslie, the cruise director.  I placed 4th of 14.  Unfortunately only the first 3 got prize money!

Leslie is fond of saying “enjoy all of the food.  What matters is just that you look good in a car!”. So far we are both doing fine, no weight gain, but we are pretty careful.  Such delicious food but we have 6 months to try it all.

So here are some things to say about some of our previous ports and experiences.

When you go through the Panama Canal, you get this “Order of the Ditch” from the Captain and the general manager.

In the Central American countries they use old school buses from the US for transportation.   When American school buses reach the age of ten years or 150,000 miles, they are sold at auction. Many of these buses are bought and driven down through Mexico to Guatemala where they are prepared for their second lives. They paint them bright colors and in Guatemala they are known as ” chicken buses”. The name probably comes from the fact that people are crammed in like chickens. One of our fellow travelers is doing a quilt square of a chicken bus.

Here is the beginning of my magnet wall…

Here is the bracelet and copy of the native bird of Guatemala given to us by Jessica on yesterday’s trip.

Tonight we are having dinner with Rhoda and Norman – they were the first people we met in Florida on the way to the ship. Tomorrow, Acapulco!

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  1. Gretchen says:

    No pictures😬
    Sounds like you are already having a fabulous time! I think I would enjoy a day or 2 at sea just to wind down!


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