At Sea

March 26, 2018

So what did we do on a day at sea? Four miles around the deck. Cooking demonstration with Raffaele Saia, our executive chef, and Sugiri Fnu the chef from the fabulous Red Ginger restaurant.  It was Asia vs Italy and they made spicy duck and watermelon salad and red curry chicken – from Red Ginger and linguini allo scoglio and tiramisu from Tuscan. As always they gave us the recipes.


After lunch out on the terrace I entered the blackjack tournament, I didn’t win but as always it was fun.

At night it was the Oceania Club cocktail party for returning guests.  The ship is pretty full with passengers from all over the world and over half of them are returning guests.  It does say a lot about the quality of the cruise line.  Anyway, we were called to stage to get our Diamond level pins. Our friend Alice also took a video but I don’t have it yet.


Here are a couple of pictures from Montevideo that I didn’t include.  As always the signs and store names never fail to make us smile!


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  1. Marilen & Rick says:

    congrats on your Diamond pin…


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