Cruising the Red Sea

May 19, 2019

We moved out of the Gulf of Aden and into the Red Sea and our extra Navy Seal security force has now departed the ship and the pirate precautions are over.

Here are some pictures of the passage between Yemen and Somalia.  No pirates spotted.


On our anniversary, our butler, Sanjay, was upset that he didn’t realize it was that day.  So he gave us a cake the next night.  When we came back from dinner, this is what we spotted in our room! As you probably know, candles are not allowed on board,  the two bigger ones are the battery operated ones we brought with us and the small one belongs to the ship.  The cake was delicious.


I came in second in the blackjack tournament yesterday, we will see what happens today and tomorrow.  They have the tournaments on every sea day.

Today was a Sunday brunch and Oceania always does it up so spectacularly.  Today there was a huge lobster and shrimp table in addition to the usual wonderful menu as well as an extensive buffet of delicacies.  And, oh, the desserts!


Here are just two of the great chefs on board.  And the string quartet played for us.


One more sea day to go before we reach Jordan, then our overnight excursion to Luxor and Cairo.

We have the Oceania Club cocktail parties tonight and tomorrow night, then tomorrow at 9:15 they scheduled an “ATW Get Together” with the Fun Morning Show – Call my Bluff.  Coffee and donuts and who knows what kind of fun to come.  Stay tuned.

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