Cruising the Red Sea–The “Whine” Cellar

May 20, 2019

Yesterday I came in second again in the blackjack tournament.  Today I made the finals but did not win.

Jose often repeats John’s joke from the last segment.  “What do you call it when Pat is losing in the casino?”

The whine cellar.  Yes, that’s right.  I happen to think that whining works, or at least it may annoy the dealers…  Wait, is that a strategy??  Maybe not.

Anyway, here is the terrific casino team.  They are fun but it is more fun when you win! Try harder, team!!!


The dealers from left to right:

Shanvia, Dushan and Georgi.


The manager, Andy


The cashier, Marijana

And some of the “usual suspects” who have fun in the casino with me.




Isaac on the left and Jose on the right

This morning we had a world cruise event – the doughnuts were amazing.  I forgot to take pictures. They were all the European style with no holes, some had jelly, some cream, some peanut butter.. delicious.

Ray had a panel of staff who submitted information about themselves and we had to guess who matched the piece of information. Good time, and Ray is the best MC..  Very sharp and witty.

One of the projects on the ship has been the creation of this mural.  It has small pictures of passengers, sights in the ports, pieces of tickets and much more to create the big “O” logo for Oceania.  I haven’t spotted our pictures yet, but some people have.  They will have to point it out.  No news yet on what will happen to the mural at the end of the cruise, but for now, it will be displayed in different parts of the ship on port days.


Tomorrow we are going snorkeling in the Red Sea from Aqaba Jordan and on Wednesday we are scheduled for an overnight trip to Luxor and Cairo in Egypt.  We know there was an incident there and we hope the trip will still take place.  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Cruising the Red Sea–The “Whine” Cellar

  1. Gretchen’s says:

    Just be safe!


  2. Helen Scott says:

    So no Oceania quilt this year? Helen x

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