Salalah, Oman

May 16, 2019

We had dinner with Ray, our cruise director, and Amy, our social hostess and one of the singers.  Joanne and Everett joined us.  Fun evening!

Today is our anniversary, and our suite attendants put this on our bed this morning when they cleaned!

Hard to believe it has been 37 years.


Not much to write today – this is our third time in Oman and we have done pretty much all of the tours that are offered.  So today we stayed on the ship, relaxed, had a wonderful lunch in the dining room (we never take the time to have lunch there!) and generally had a very chill kind of day.  Will have dinner for our anniversary in Polo tonight.

Here is the port from the Terrace Cafe…Very big port and they export a lot of gypsum.


Just a little bit about Oman though.  The mountains are the Dhofar mountains.  The city is known as the Land of Frankincense and on an earlier visit we went to the Frankincense Land museum to learn about it.

We usually like to get off the ship to have lunch or just explore but there was only a shuttle through the port and with Ramadan, no options for eating here.

Four sea days now, through the Gulf of Aden and then the Red Sea on our way to Jordan.

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2 Responses to Salalah, Oman

  1. marilen and Rick says:

    Happy Anniversary. Great way to celebrate it taveling around the world.


  2. Patricia Barbarowicz says:

    Happy anniversary, Pat and Norm! What a wonderful way to celebrate. I’ve loved all of your pictures and comments! I’m envious!


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