Amalfi and Positano

April 5, 2022

This was probably our fourth visit to this area of Italy and it never loses its charm.  Today we took a ferry from Amalfi (which was an anchored and tender port) to Positano.  Our guide was Alessio and he was really fun and a good guide. The highlight here is the amazing coastline and while it was hard to get good pictures, here are some of them.  Many homes and hotels are located right on the cliffs and there are terraces where people have gardens.  I would not want to weed those.


The first thing he did when we got off the ferry in Positano was give us a coupon for gelato at the “best gelato place” and he wasn’t wrong.  A good way to start the morning at about 10:30! I got the stracciatella flavor, Italian chocolate chip.  Delicious!


We got back on the ferry and went to Amalfi.  Here we visited the St. Andrew Cathedral which was really magnificent.  We toured through the museum and the catacombs then went into the main cathedral. 


We wandered the streets of Positano and enjoyed the many ceramics shops and people watching.  Positano has a population of 3000 and Alessio says the main occupation is gossip!


We had free time to wander around the streets.  One of the main attractions is the limoncello and you see it in every shop.  There are even ices sold in a lemon.IMG_0210~photoIMG_0211~photoIMG_0206~photo

The weather was really perfect so it made the day both picturesque and delightfully warm.


This picture was painted by my new friend Laura and what a surprise when she gave it to me before she and her husband Thomas got off the cruise and were spending several days in Rome before heading home.

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