Cabo Frio, Brazil

March 5,2023

As we left Rio, I was able to capture the Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf Mountain.

We had a tender port at Cabo Frio, and our excursion was a boat cruise and Papagaio Island. Cabo Frio is a big tourist destination. It features miles of beaches (9 beaches in total) with fine white sand which doesn’t have mica so it doesn’t get hot and you can walk on it with bare feet without getting burned. We traveled in the canal Itajuru and viewed the many fishing boats, houses and apartments and rocky spots where there were quite a few people sunning and fishing. We had two stops for swimming. The water was very salty and pretty cold. Frio actually means “cold”.

A nice bonus of the day was that I spotted a mother and daughter that we met on our 2015 cruise, Brooke and Kim, and they were on the same tour so we got re-acquainted and made plans to have dinner together.

Here are some pictures of the trip. Brooke and I went swimming but Norm and Kim stayed on the boat.

Brooke and me
These people are towing the boat!

There really wasn’t much to do here except boat and beach. So after the tour we walked around a bit, then returned to the ship where I decided to spend the afternoon on the spa deck. Very nice and relaxing.

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