Our home for the next 6 months

They say that when you first walk into your cabin on a cruise, it is a religious experience.. You see how small it is and you say “oh my god”..
We fit all of our belongings in the closets and cabinets, and took some tips from cruise critic posts- we brought hooks, a shoe holder to hang over the door, etc. So we are now settled in.

Welcomed with a bottle of champagne and this sign hanging from the ship:




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4 Responses to Our home for the next 6 months

  1. Sue McMurtray says:

    Have a wonderful voyage. Enjoy it to the fullest. Will be thinking of you and experiencing it with you through your posts. Bon Voyage. Sue McMurtray


  2. Patricia A. Bucek says:

    It looks fabulous! Have a wonderful journey…and thanks for letting us share in the adventure!
    Love to you both, Patti & Sharon


  3. Kathie Berard says:

    What fun! Thanks for taking us along through this technology!


  4. joygoldman says:

    Love the pictures and commentary! Thanks so much for sharing!


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