Sydney, Nova Scotia

July 19

Sydney is a lovely  port town on Cape Breton Island.  It is the heart of fiddle country for Celtic music so we were greeted by a very large fiddle! Nice Sunday for a brisk walk to town and a visit to the craft market which is the only thing open today.


Young Celtic fiddler at work!


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5 Responses to Sydney, Nova Scotia

  1. Yvette Brown says:

    For this world tour are you doing your own excursions, Oceania excursions or a mix of both?


  2. patmathews says:

    Mix of both…working well.


  3. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    when we went there we thought that huge fiddle was neat,,,,,there was also a large craft show inside the building but from the sounds of you email you went to town for it,,,mmmmmmmmmmm


  4. Phyllis Conrad says:

    Dot & I also went around the Cape Breton trail. We got picnic lunches; stopped on the top of the road where we picnicked and watched the whales spout as they went north. We passed two women on the back side who were riding bicycles. We later found out that they were staying in the same Bed & Breakfast as we were. We had a great visit together. Phyllis


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