Cruising the Mozambique Channel

November 22

We had a lovely restful day at sea today, I did enter the blackjack tournament – placed third. I have entered three so far, placed third twice and second once.  Will I get to be first between here and Miami??

We have been watching the stick insects and preying mantis out on the terrace deck.  Hard to get good pictures.  Norm is hoping they stay as they eat bugs, but then again we haven’t seen any bugs.  So of course I said “see, it is working!”


We enjoyed our dinner for Norm’s birthday with friends Marilyn and Charlie, Kathy and Robert and Rodney and Candice.  You can see some of the revelry in Toscana restaurant where we always enjoy the fresh made pasta, the fresh baked bread with roasted garlic, the olive oil and balsamic vinegar menu and the huge parmesan cheese that they cut pieces of for the table. And of course all of the rest of the delicious items.

The staff brought a cake and sang, then cut the cake and served it with ice cream.


How do you like the woven palm hat? Gift from Rodney and Candice!


Kathy with the balloons they brought for Nomr, also gave him a neat shell!


Norm finds a use for the shell!


Marilyn (to Nomr’s right) gave Norm a handmade box she brought on the ship with her, and also candied pecans that she brought with her. We want to see her warehouse!!

IMG_0548 IMG_0560


We got to FaceTime with both Adam and Mark today and that was a wonderful bonus.

Two more days at sea before Maputo, Mozambique.

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5 Responses to Cruising the Mozambique Channel

  1. Y. Brown says:

    Happy birthday.


  2. Chris Gehman says:

    Happiest of Birthdays, Norm


  3. Rick & Marilen Beaman says:

    Happy birthday Norm,,it looked like a lot of fun,

    Forgot to mention on the last one,,, good to hear the smoking policy was enforced.mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  4. Martha Costain says:

    Love that woven palm crown for the birthday boy!! Happy Day!


  5. Jane Lucey says:

    Your daily writings are so inclusive, just loving your shared adventure!!
    Happy Birthday Norm 😉 This has got to be one of your best ever ❤


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