Port Canaveral

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July 9.  We are in Port Canaveral, Florida.  Some 2.8 million cruise visitors come here each year.  We have been here several times before so for us it is a relaxing day on the ship.  Saw the sunrise, had breakfast and found out that 13 times around the track on deck 10 is one mile.  So I will be doing a lot of rotations to get my 4 miles in!  Oh, wait, I found out that it is a nautical mile measurement, so maybe 12.5!

Lots of fishing boats and the ever present police boats. enjoyed watching sea turtles!

I do have pictures of the sunrise and of the nautical mile marker, but wifi speed on the ship stopped those uploads, will add them later or check with my webmaster, Adam, on alternatives when we are in Boston.

Enjoying the string quartet each evening.

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  1. Don says:

    Check out the beaches to the south of the jetty when you leave port. One of my favorite diving areas. Coral reef is 150 yards off shore.


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